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Insulated bins for fish/shrimp product
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Processing bins, insulated

Insulated processing bins

Single bin manufacture

Single bin orders are possible from the following.


High quality LLDPE plastic insulated bins with polyethylene foaming insulation and fully UV stabilized;

insulated bin - 1000 liter


Bulk orders (container loads)

The below are supplied in container loads only. For bulk orders, your logo is placed on the bin during the production run.


Bins can be lifted by fork lift and are ideal for flatbed trucks and combined with harvesting or processing equipment. These bins are well insulated and hygienic.


Fork lifts can lift from any side of the bin. The lid design allows bin stacking and non-slip of stacked bins.



Drainage plug in bin. Upper plug is a spare or place to keep loosened plug while draining.

Insulated fish/shrimp/meat bin specifications


Other bins or tubs

Insulated storage



Ice holding bins or tub



Transport container tub


Other LLDPE products


Pallets and pallet covers, manufactured from LLDPE, approved by the FDA for use in HACCP food processing environments. For HACCP environments, food industry, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Up to 2000kg capacity.


Bins and trays

Fillet trays

Fillet Tray S - 355 x 235 x 70
Fillet Tray M - 440 x 246 x 60
Fillet Tray L - 555 x 385 x 90
Fillet Tray XL - 615 x 395 x 100



HACCP bond of various sizes. The above is 48 liter and 796L x 470W x 185D cm

LLDPE bin: For HACCP compliant environments;
Resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion;
Fully UV resistant and fully recyclable.


    Raw material used, as well as unique design features, prevent growth of bacteria, so ideal for HACCP certified food processing plants.
    All corners with radii, for supreme ease of cleaning and perfect conformation to highest hygiene requirements
    Can be cleaned/disinfected with water or steam, as material is non-absorbent.


    Designed to perform in a wide range of extreme working conditions;
    Excellent thermal resistance;
    Special design features, incorporating extra strength and stability;
    Robust, with high impact strength capabilities;
    Durable and low maintenance;
    Do not shatter or splinter and thus cannot damage goods/product;
    Different colours available – assists with customer or product identification;
    Company logos can be in-moulded for easy identification
    Bins are provided with or without drainage, and the unique design ensures optimum external drainage which allows substances such as blood and thawed water to drain away to the outside, even when stacked ten or more high, while still maintaining the fresh quality of the product inside;
    For handling and transportation, each bin is light weight, yet very strong, and can be securely stacked, with or without product, to save valuable floor space;




Bins with lids

Lid &-storage-box
HACCP drainage baskets

LLDPE, approved by the FDA for use in Food Processing


LLDPE drum: Multi-purpose & robust, with high impact strength capabilities;



Custom moulding

Custom moulding is posible, designing and producing new products or parts  made specification. The costs of tooling for  rotational moulding are comparatively low compared to other plastic  processing methods. It is often a better alternative to metal,  fibreglass or wood fabrication. Due to the flexibility of design,  rotomoulding is often used to simplify applications by manufacturing a  single product to replace a range of parts.


For example, LLDPE crayfish trap:


LLDPE truck corner

LLDPE truck-cr




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