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12 & 24 volt solar pump
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12 volt, 24v & 48 volt solar pumps

The main categories of 12 volt pump are

Deep well-point, submersible or borehole pumps

12 volt submersible pumps -  portable type

12 volt in-line pumps (industrial type application)


12 volt submersible pumps

12v-submersible-pumpApplication of water pump 12 volt dc car washer pump

  • DC power occasions.
  • Watering flower
  • Car/floor washing
  • Draining for vessels, aquaculture, industrial
  • Mining drainage
  • Draining for animal husbandry

Use and maintenance of 12 volt pump

  • Before using the water pump, please check whether the power voltage on the nameplate.
  • While connecting wires the red cable wire should be connect to positive pole(+),the other wire should be connect with negative pole(-).
  • Please do not keep the pump motor idling out of the water for more than 1 minute which may damage the oil seal.
  • Do not lift or lower pump with the cable wire. Attach a rope to the handle when raising and lowering is necessary.
  • Before starting up pumping or using the pump, put the pump into the water.
  • Approximately 5100 liters per hour maximum and 6m head maximum with 25mm outlet and 3m cable

Currently in Stock: R1900.00 excluding VAT


Industrial Inline pumps, 12 volt

At present these models are imported on request.

Borehole pump



  • Tank/Cistern filling
  • Village or family water supply
  • Water supply for farm
  • Garden/courtyard irrigation systems
  • Livestock watering
  • Swimming pool filling
  • Fountains
  • Water supply for bivouac or camping car
  • Solar water circulating system
  • Renewable energy projects
  • CE Certification
  • DC input, wide voltage(working voltage: 10V-20V)
  • Built-in MPPT which can make the best use of the solar energy.
  • The pump can be directly connected to solar panels in sunshine without controller.
  • The pump include Over-voltage protection / Under-voltage  protection / Over-current protection / Over-load protection.
  • Environmental protection, achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Solved the water shortage problems of the area without electricity
  • Stainless steel housing

24 volt submersible pump

Model: M243T-60
Head: 60M
Flow: 3m3/h
Voltage: 24V
Power: 1152W
Intake: 76mm
Outlet: 25mm
Rotation speed: 3000/rpm






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