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Titanium heaters
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Submersible titanium electric heaters

Made of high impact resistant titanium. Highly corrosion-resistant, able to be used in sea-water safely. Fully submersible, with resin sealed connection to cable, Include T and U type.

The cable connection to the titanium heater is sealed in resin and encased in a soft plastic seal. The heater is connected to a control panel. A Pt100 probe from the control panel to the same tank is the temperature sensor that regulates the on/off electrical contacter, controlling temperatures within 1 degree Celsius in a properly mixed tank. Place the sensor away from the heater for better temperature control.

Please Note: Titanium heater must be placed in water and let water cover over the indicated line on heater before switched on to prevent damage from high temperature. A 3 kW heater will heat an indoor tank of 5 to 7 m3 in South African temperate conditions. Work on 0.5 kW of heating per m3 of water.

Generally in stock is the single phase, 3kw E01A07 and 1 kilowatt E01A09.

1 kilowatt titanium heater element: the element part that needs to be immersed is 35cm long.

3 kW elements are 74cm long and as fully submersible, can be laid horizontally or vertically.



Electrical control boxes

The above control box can carry 4 x 3kw elements, and a single PT100 sensor.

Heater Control box specifications:

Boxes with single PT100 control


Boxes with double PT100control

The dual or double control box has two independent units installed and so two PT100 temperature sensors.

Economy control systems for 2 kilowatt and lower

MH-2000 AC90V~250V electronic thermostat with LED digital display. This temperature controller is suitable for the 2 kW and smaller heater elements

The PT100 control part is 1.2m long


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