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Pond filter
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High water quality filter systems for tanks and small ponds

Pondopress filters

Product Characteristics

  • Inc. Oase Filter Pump 1500 / 2500 / 3500 (4000 / 6000 / 10000 sets).
  • Easy clean filter - mechanism cleans it for you
  • Guaranteed clear water
  • Mechanical and biological filtration
  • Higher elevated water courses can be supplied with cleaned water
  • Includes all hose connections for fast installation
  • Quick-release filter opening

 Complete Pressure Bio-filter set with UVC pump & hose.

Includes 7 Watt UV Sterilizer. For ponds up to 10,000L without fish stock Includes Pondovario 2500 pump. Easy cleaning operation


Suitable for ponds and tank systems


Biotec filters

Product Information

The Oase  BioSmart 36000 (formally known as the Biotec 10.1) is a top of the range mechanical and biological filtration system for your pond. It is a  flow-through filter, meaning that is has many advantages including the  rich supply of oxygen to your water.

There are many factors that  can increase the toxin levels in your pond, including excess fish food,  fish excrement and decaying vegetation, all of which need to be dealt  with efficiently to stop your pond water from becoming a toxic  environment for your fish. Without the adequate filtration provided by a great filter like the Biosmart 36000, the consequences of these toxins  are often algae growth and murky ponds which can lead to fish and plant  death.


Biological cleaningbiotec10-1-filter

The BioSmart  36000 is a supremely active biological filter. Your unhealthy pond water is fed into the filter system (preferably with the help of an Aquamax  filter pump to optimise efficiency) filter surfaces of the biological  media trap the large pollution particles.

A perfect surface for  large cultures of nitrifying bacteria, the filter media in the Biotec  has a larger surface area, allowing the filter to remove more ammonia  and nitrites from your water, leaving you with healthier water.

Easy cleaning - Systematically

All the filter foams in this filter are suspended. This means that when  they require cleaning they can simply be squeezed against the  intermediate plate with the help of the cleaning lever, keeping your  hands cleaner. The integrated waste outlet can then be opened for the  dirty water to drain out.




















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