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Blower installation
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Side channel blower (regenerative blower) installation

For electrical installation, ensure that a qualified electrician does the wiring connections and electrical box, as this requires a full knowledge of single phase, 3-phase and motor connections.


Blower installation - general procedure


In relation to this video, many water aeration applications do not use a pressure release valves or gauge as illustrated. This is however the professional and perfect way to install a blower. The blower is cooled by its own airflow, so the volume of air released must be within the range of the blower pressure versus air flow curve.

The air intake filter prevent large items like stones, insects or lizards getting sucked in and damaging the impellor. Once the fan impellor is damaged (e.g.broken vane), the unit becomes unbalanced.

If in a highly dusty environment, then a different filter to the standard MF filter is needed. A filter morel like a generator or tractor filter needs to be installed. For example in a coal mine, coal tar type grease can collect around the impellor is a good, fine particle filter is not used.


General installation for hot tub or jacuzzi


Instead of non-return valves and large bends as in this video, place the blower above the water level. This is to prevent back siphoning of water into the blower when there is a power failure or the blower is switched off. Water flowing into the blower can damage the blower.

The blower diameter for the delivery line depends on the size of the blower in use the distance to the point of use and is of a diameter to minimize friction losses in the pipe line.

With three-phase blowers the motor can run backwards if the phases are incorrect. Switch the two outside phases to reverse the blower direction. As stated, a qualified electrician should do the installation for the blower warranty to remain valid.

Water type installation, electrical control


Note here the electrical box for switching the blower on. Many varieties of switch exist. Discuss with your local electrician for the best solution.

Generally, we DO NOT advise blower installation in any other position than horizontal. We do not agree with this vertical form of installation. On the right is the intake filter and the left is the delivery line.

Ecotao blowers can aerate to 5 meters of water for some models. Blower model selection is based on two main parameters - pressure required and air volume at that pressure. Altitude is a secondary factor affecting the pressure calculation.

Typical, simple installation 

This is for air delivery, not vacuum. The intake filter is the paper type. These are needed in very dusty environment. For normal air conditions, the MF intake filters are suitable.





Electrical control panel


Note here a common on-off control panel for blowers.


Blower accessories


Various options for high tech applications.



Blower temperature protection




Vacuum application




Blower size and air system design

Side channel blowers are cooled by their own airflow and the delivery pipe size and diffusers or other type of air release need to correspond with the blower’s rated air volume. Also the water depth needs to be in conformance with the blower curve.

So a blower with a max 200mbar on the curve (2m water maximum) will deliver air, but run very hot at 200mbar. Such a blower should run as 1-1.5m depth.

For each blower I can advise the delivery pipe diameter and number diffusers or other release points.

So, a blower that is running very warm is not ideally suited to its particular application – either

  • the water is too deep for the design (some are designed for 200 mbar (2m ) others up to 700 mbar) or
  • the delivery pipe is too small in diameter
  • and distance too long/far or
  • at the air release point not enough air is being release for the size of the blower
  • or the blower is simply too big for the application.

This can reach the point where the PVC delivery pipe will get very hot and bend. As a general rule, you should be able to keep your hand on the blower housing.




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